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Solar System Web Page

A new page can now be accessed from the Sparrow Science website.

This page is called ‘Scale model of the solar system’ and offers information about our solar system. What sets this web page apart from others is that it is completely to scale. This means the planets are scaled to the size of the sun and their distances from the sun on on this scale also. You may be surprised to see how vast our solar system really is, and just how small the planets are.

The web page can be found here.

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Lady of the Sky Activity

This activity is to make a simple model ladybird. It is nice and easy and demonstrate some simple anatomy of a ladybird. Specifically the elytra which are modified wings which act as shields to protect the more delicate wings underneath.

To make this you will need cellophane and split pins.

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Glurch Experimnet

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Glurch Experimnet, posted with vodpod

Another installment of of what I hope to be a long series of quick and easy experiments.

This time the topic is glurch, a non-newtonian fluid, which is great to play with and to make. Not to mention it is cheap and easy.

Watch the clip to find out more. Duration: ~7 minutes

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Cloud in a Bottle Experiment

Vodpod videos no longer available.

<Cloud in a Bottle Experiment, posted with vodpod

This is a big day for me. I’m uploading my first experiment. Making this was a steep leaning curve and I hope to get much better at it in the future. I also hope to fine turn the format of upcoming experiments as I go, so don’t be too alarmed if this one is a little rough.

This experiment is called ‘cloud in a bottle’ and it is just that. Using a simple clear plastic bottle, some water and a match you can make a real cloud. I also attempt to explain the science behind this experiment.

I hope it serves it’s purpose.

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Bodies of Change Activity

This activity relates to my first love: insects. This activity traces the butterfly metamorphosis, with particular attention to the stages we usually do not get to see.

This is a simple colour, cut, and stick job so it can be completed by younger age groups.

Credit for the drawings of the developing butterfly go to Martha Jackson. Thanks!

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Four planets in a glance

Currently visible almost everywhere on earth at around dusk are 4 bright stars in the sky. These ‘stars’ are Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn. It is not very common for this many planets to be visible at one time, and it is even less common that they are all in the same place. This will not last long so make sure you take them time to have a look (mercury is racing away towards the horizon!). The picture I have linked was taken by myself over the lights of the Benmore dam. The planets are visible but they are much better viewed by eye.

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